Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify Plugin

Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify Plugin

by Shashank on September 13, 2012


Thanks for showing your interest in the Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify Wordpress Plugin. Without wasting much of your time I would like to dive directly into how this plugin works. So lets start…

Step 1

I hope by now you would have installed and activated Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify Wordpress Plugin if not please check the installation details in the readme.txt file inside the plugin folder.

Now goto your already installed Facebook Social Commenting box and make a test comment there.

Facebook Comments Email Notification

Step 2

Now if you have made any test comment you can check your email for new email notification. The administrator and the post author will get an email when someone comments using Facebook Social Commenting box on their post.

The best part of the email notification is that not only the image of the commentator who commented will be shown but also his/her Facebook profile name linking to his Facebook profile url.

The email will also inform you about the post title linking to the post url on your blog/website where that comment was made. You can also see the date and time when the comment was made.

Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notification Plugin

Step 3

Now goto your dashboard area open Comments > All Comments page and bingo!!

Now you can see all your Facebook Comments with your regular comments at one page. The Facebook profile image and a link to his/her facebook profile url will also be shown here.

Facebook Comments Email Notification Wordpress

I hope you will enjoy this plugin incase any enquiry please email me at ksbnok@gmail.com (Shashank) or dramitstalbot@gmail.com (Dr. Amit)

You can download this plugin from here Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify Wordpress Plugin

Note: I will frequently update this page

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