Are You Enjoying Your Hot Cuppa In Your Cool Balcony Garden

Are You Enjoying Your Hot Cuppa In Your Cool Balcony Garden

by Priti on October 9, 2013

Have you ever planned of having a garden in your small or spacious balcony? Well, if you haven’t yet, this post will make you think again…

Fantastic Ideas to Add Greenery to Your Balcony Garden

How do you feel while sitting in your balcony with your tea/coffee and enjoy the freshness in the air. Ah… refreshing isn’t it? To add a bit more excitement to it, how about having a garden in your balcony?

No matter you have a small balcony or a spacious one, you can have hanging planters, potted plants, decor objects and lots more to make it your private landscape.

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Because ground floor has always been my mother’s first choice, I never got a chance to have my balcony but I swear, I am definitely going to have at least 2…3..balconies at my home because I want to enjoy sitting up above and watch people around and funny expressions of kids in the playground.

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Cozy Seating

Image via atrium-balcony

Splash of Colors

More Green

Bamboo As Garden Back-splash

A View of a Beautiful Balcony

Image source: livemaster

Porch Perfection

Beautiful Garden Balcony

Above two images via Shelterness 

Additional Decor Objects

Garden in Porch

Small Green House

You may face certain problems like the muddy water from the pot drainage, maintenance of plants and what about watering them when you are out of station? But once you overcome these problems, you are all set for your beautiful, colorful and blooming balcony garden.

Oh god, even I was so tired mopping and cleaning after every single time I watered them. Phew! To prevent dirty and muddy water coming out of the pot, you need to put in clay pot shards (pieces of broken pot) at the bottom of a pot, it helps in preventing soil to flow out from the drainage point and hold the excess of moisture when you water them.

Coziness in Your Balcony

Image via

Cozy Seating Arrangement

Hanging Garden Planters Herbs and Vegetables

One solution that clicked my mind like a bulb was ;) : when you are planning to have a garden in your porch make sure you use plates/pot trays at the bottom of the pot. If you have already set up a garden and now you give up to take the charge of plants, do tell me, I will shift it all to my place ;)

I won’t personally go for only blooming plants or vines or any particular seasonal plant. While you can have almost all kinds of plants at your balcony, here are my recommendations for you to have greenery throughout the year:

Evergreen plants/shrubs: No matter whatever be the season, these kind of plants will be a constant beauty in your balcony. E.g., Ferns and palms, false Cyprus, spider plant, succulents, snake plants etc.

Vines or climbing plants for enhancing the beauty of your walls and railings. E.g. Blue passion flowers, money plant, bougainvillea, blue pea vine, Chinese trumpet creeper, etc.

Seasonal plants and flowers Whether it’s summer, winter, spring or monsoon, every season has some plants that marks its existence. And having those plants at your home garden will make feel like you are moving with the nature. E.g. Marigold, Dahlia, rose, lily, daisy etc. and give a WOW effect. You know what, I personally feel really impressed with one of my aunts because she is always trendy when it comes to having garden at home.

Herbs: Yes, yes the price of vegetables and herbs are rising day by day, why not grow them on your own? Hey, am not indicating towards farming with plow :P  if you are too fond of growing your own vegetable and herbs, even that’s possible in your balcony garden.

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