Bring Home Some Coziness This Winter

Bring Home Some Coziness This Winter

by Priti on December 23, 2013

Create an Inviting Home This Winter

Brrraaavvoo! It’s right here, yeah the winter is here with a full swing & mood and am feeling c-o-l-d…brrr. No matter how low the temperature falls, I love winters the most than any other season. So why not welcome the winters with open warm arms and bring home some coziness.

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Yeah, I have few pictures to share with you to make you realize, how awesome your home could be this winter. Just a bit of bling, lights and wool can add a beauty to your home. For a detailed discussion let’s take a look at the images below.

So, what’s the idea in the image below? Any guesses?? Okay, if you notice the textures and the lighting used in the picture you’ll get to know that a touch of “bling” to the atmosphere makes your home look bit cozier.

The reason is, we tend to keep our doors and windows shut most of the time to prevent cold win coming inside, which ultimately keeps your home closed and dull since the light couldn’t come in…o’yes, the Sun & the weather are so not supportive in Delhi during winters. :-/

And hence, all you can do for a little bit of brightness is; add some *bling bling* or shimmery embellishments like  sequined cushions, lights, woolen rugs  etc. inside your home resulting in a bright & fairy look. etc.

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winter bling bling

source: bucca651

bedroom lighting

For your guests or a small get together you can light up some candles and make a comfy arrangement right inside. Attraction!!!

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candles for welcoming guests

While you see the Sunshine, smile bright and welcome the rays in! :D Ah…I so needed you dear… *hugs* now dry all my clothes please… :P

Give Me Some Sunshine! :)

cozy reading nook

What could be the most interesting idea to bring home some snow ball fall?? Not literally! Here’s a WOW diy for you to bring home some snowfall and snowflakes inside your home this winter, I know I know, you are feeling too lazy for any activity and that’s why I present this super easy thing for you.

Did you read my diy post on how to make snowflakes?

Follow me when I say: Just gather some cotton balls of same size or pull them to make smaller balls.

Take a long thread and with the help of a needle, thread the cotton balls and glue the pieces with a dab of glue on the thread/string.

And this is how it looks when completed! Isn’t it looking like a real snowfall…wuhuhuu…suddenly I started feeling extremely cold. *sniff sniff* ;)

let it snow!

the colour

Source: shelterness

yarn tree

source: onepearlbutton

Oh! How can we not make an attempt to decorate our homes for the perfect WINTER LOOK! Here we go…

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outdoor natural decor

source: theurbanfarmchick

knitted cover up for wood

source: miluccia-miluccia

salt and dry twigs for the mantle

the patio

It’s time for me to go now and have my evening tea. See you all in the next post where I’ll be sharing some tips to keep your home warm. Until then keep smiling and Happy Holidays!!! :)

tea time! :)

Lastly, I would like to wish you all on behalf of team Kwikdeko a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year well in advance. Enjoy your family and party time! :D

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