Check This Out Before You Make Final Plans for Ceiling Designs & Lights

Check This Out Before You Make Final Plans for Ceiling Designs & Lights

by Priti on October 10, 2013

Who says designing is only possible on floors and walls. Want to design it on your own or paint it, I have shred some of the creative ideas to design your ceiling with decorative lights.

Your Style Statement: Colorful and Decorative Ceiling Designs and Lights

We often get confused when we try to find out something innovative and gorgeous for our home..and the most ignored part is ceiling designs. Actually we have set our minds as: decoration is only possible on floors and walls. Ah…come on!!! I am sure this post will change your mind-set from now on.

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Well, while I was to young and couldn’t reach up to the ceilings, since then I wanted to decorate it and reach to that level  anyhow. You won’t believe but I literally tried, made an arrangement with two tables one on one and climbed up! Woohoo…I was feeling as I am on the top of the world. :D

Though I managed to climb up, I could reach only upto the level of my ceiling fan. So what? I made designs on my fan with a permanent marker…and after a min a fell down. Haha…got so much scolding after that and got minor scratches. Phew…

and I never tried climbing up again…but the designs that am sharing here is crawling all over my hands and my mind!

Orange Colored Ceiling with Decorative Lights

Have you heard of using wall paper for designing your ceiling. Even I never thought of such and idea but this really works well. Confused with the wall paper designs. Mix and match with your room color and you are all set.

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Wall Papered Ceiling Design

Image via

Ya ya, I know you few people may not agree with me to designs whole of their ceilings with wall paper. So, here again I have an option for you..i.e. wall decals. Of course, that’s the best option for you to design your ceilings instantly as you do for your walls. Trouble to find the best place to buy it from?

I have a good news for you, we are soon going to start an e-shop for you to buy decals of your choice. Stay tuned!

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Stenciled Ceiling Design with Wall Decals

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Designs from Headboard to the Ceiling

Designer Ceiling with Wooden Planks

Wooden elements in our home are considered to be eco-friendly and brings positive energy as per vastu shastra…am not talking about the sticks our parents use to keep to scare us for mischievousness  things we do.  So here is an idea for wooden ceilings for your home. Like it?

Wooden Ceiling

Living Room Ceiling Designs with Lights

Wooden Ceiling

Image via

I clearly remember when I was in 10th standard, with board exams on my head and I was in full on fun mood, my brother thought of motivating me to study and work hard.

He (on A 4 sheets with colorful sketches) wrote three lines on each paper and pasted it on the ceiling (right over my head as if someone is continuously knocking on my head) which said: “Keep on studying, work hard and believe in yourself”.

Bravo! Whenever I slept at night and woke up in the morning, all I can see was those three lines. I always read that for years until my ceilings were re-painted. Gosh! I did follow it and got good results. Thanks to my elder brother!

You can do the same with you kids or for more creative ideas use the one over here, using printed fabrics or canvas on the ceilings. What a colorful and lovely ceiling design it is!

Ceiling Designs with Printed Fabrics (Canvas)

Ceiling Design for Home

Paint your ceiling designs on your own…

Hand - painted Decorative Walls to the Ceilings

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Black Colored Ceiling with Lights for Dining Room

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1 lavanya January 31, 2013 at 1:28 pm

i really loved you blog..its amazing one,which i ever come it.. :)


2 Priti January 31, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Thanks for liking it so much Lavanya! :) Did you like the ceiling designs as well? Which one did you like the most?


3 Free Discount Coupon June 6, 2013 at 9:22 am

Those ceiling design are just awesome. Thanks for sharing.


4 Ritesh July 25, 2013 at 5:20 am

Truly amazing!!… Planning to have the white for my kidos room but now will have a colorful ceiling instead..
However, appreciate any suggestions..

Nice ..


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