Monotonic & Colorful Chevron Pattern

Monotonic & Colorful Chevron Pattern

by Priti on July 19, 2013

Get A Patterned Look for Your Home with Chevrons

What does chevron mean? Actually it’s not just an inverted V-shaped pattern which is so popular for decorating home, in fact, it’s much more than that. You see, I don’t speak much about things where cops and military people are involved, it’s just that am freaking scared *bites nails* :P (kidding).

Please don’t take my last sentence seriously. The thing is, the origin of the word “chevron” has a strong connection with rank or length of service of cops. Here’s what I actually mean!

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Colorful Chevron Cushions

Source: Ada & Darcy

Am just loving the colors which have been used in the cushions shown in the image above . From patterned lamp shade in chevron to the wall and to the cushions on the floor, everything just looks so perfect! I can read your mind, you too are loving it right.

I can say so because of the fact that, no matter whatever be the trend for home decor or fashion, we Indians are too much fond of bright colors (including me…it doesn’t mean we dress like a rainbow :P ).

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Patterned Cushion

Curtain Design

Image via Houzz

WOW! I just love the curtains which are used in the rooms with gray wall (picture above and below). I think the sheer curtain in pink looks much more interesting, isn’t it? Are you thinking likewise???

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Sheer Curtain in Chevron Pattern

Patterned Curtain Holder

Printed Lamp Shade

Image via Pinterest

Color Pop Rugs


By the way if you don’t get a colored rug of your choice with chevron you can diy your old rugs…here’s a full tutorial on how to diy it.

Floor Cushion

Image source: West Elm

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1 kajal July 20, 2013 at 3:24 pm

nice website priti n good stuff i loved it.


2 Priti July 26, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Thank you for stopping by Kajal! :)


3 Pritika July 22, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Loved the idea of having stencil :)


4 Pritika July 22, 2013 at 4:28 pm

And also like picture of painting on shoe boxes :)


5 Priti July 26, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Hey, it’ not a painting, in fact it’s much more easier task to do. Just glue printed paper in chevron on shoe box covers…do give it a try! :)


6 Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story July 24, 2013 at 11:27 pm

There has been a lot of talk that chevron is on its way out and that soon it will look like “oh, the early 2010′s”. Personally I used to like everything chevron till about a few months ago. Now I’m not a big fan of the tightly packed chevrons, prefer wider stripes with more white space.


7 Priti July 26, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Chevrons were not “my choice” because I liked polkas way better, but I have just started liking it now. And yes, wider strips are good to watch.


8 Fayaz Pasha July 26, 2013 at 7:27 pm

These are so beautiful patterns. I love your collection Priti.


9 Priti July 29, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Thanks a ton Fayaz, really happy to see your comment. :)


10 Easwar Arumugam July 26, 2013 at 9:42 pm

Patterns are creative. I like Curtain designs and Wall Art. Thanks for sharing.


11 Priti July 29, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Yeah,curtains are my personal favorite too, specially the sheer pink one. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. :)


12 Aashish July 27, 2013 at 1:20 am

loved the curtain design..:)


13 Priti July 29, 2013 at 2:17 pm

So wonderful to see your comment on my blog Aashish! Ditto, I love the curtains too. :)


14 Tarun July 27, 2013 at 9:58 am

I never seem to like Chevron until I saw your post Preeti. What an amazing collection of Ideas.. Loved it.


15 Priti July 29, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Now that you have started loving chevrons, hope you are going to use it in your home too. :)


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