DO NOT Throw Your Junk Bottles

DO NOT Throw Your Junk Bottles

by Priti on August 23, 2013

You Don’t Need To Throw You Coke Bottles Anymore

Burrpp… I Need Some Coke “Bottles”!!!

Not a long time ago I made this quote “Creativity is contagious and Inspiration is omnipresent”. This stands true for today’s post. So here I am (Tarun) again with an unusual DIY Idea. Remember my last post where I said that I have this thing for making lamps etc. and I truly meant it!

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Did you just host a party?? Oh, there are some empty jumbo coke bottles, keep them safe and read on. Today I will show you how to make a pendant night lamp using a Coca-Cola 1.5 liter plastic bottle (Please Not: I am not encouraging that you should drink coke and that doesn’t mean am a follower of RAMDEV :P ) …

Now, if your reaction is Whatttt?? Coke Bottle?? Then I would say: Relax….take a sip of coke…burp and believe me when I say: “Inspiration is omnipresent” :) .

There is something special about today’s post, it’s one of the most easiest and quirky thing I’ve ever made. :D

I am usually not a big fan of shiny-glittery objects but after I tried my hands on it and the way my design turned out, it  actually made me like them.

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So all you awesome people reading this (You did not forget to say that..right??) , let’s make a super easy, super awesome, super bling pendant lamp and yes how can I forget to mention that it’s super cheap as well (The total cost was around 250 bucks only!).

Step 1: Drink up some coke and chill… ;)

Done??? Then let’s get down to some work!

To make this awesome lamp , you will need:

Materials Required

  1. A 1.5 litre Coke bottle.
  2. Lots of Bling (Crystal) Stickers:These are acrylic adhesive crystals, usually sold by ‘say it in crystals’ brand. Notice the picture above and you will see that these crystals are lined up on a thin plastic membrane which makes them easy to peel and stick as a line of crystals.
    You can find them in craft stores or stores that keep automobile decor stuff. I noticed that cost of a single sticker sheet ranges from 80-120 bucks. I got them for 80 INR.

    Bling Stickers

  3. A paper-cutter or any sort of cutter
  4. A sharp scissor
  5. A bulb holder(pendant style) with electrical wire attached.
  6. A 0.5 watt LED bulb (You can ask for Havells Adore LED bulb). If you prefer it more bright , you can also use a 5 watt CFL.
  7. Some sandpaper
  8. Some double-sided tape
  9. Optional metal or plastic pipe (about 1/2 cm thick and at least a feet long). See the main picture to find it out.
  10. A tiny portion of your creative genius \m/  and lots of imagination.

Step 2:  Cutting & Shaping the bottle

—> Clean Bottle

Clean Your Coke Bottle

—> Cutting a mark

MAke a Cut

—> Cut using the scissor. This will be a test of your cutting skills

Cutting The Bottle

—>  A beautiful Separation

Separate It

  • Remove the brand wrap from the bottle, you will find that the bottle is slightly engraved (a line is present) to secure the sticker.
  • About 1 inch below sticker line, mark a cut using the cutter, then insert your scissor and cut to split the bottle in two pieces.
  • The edges of the piece will be very sharp, sharp enough to cut your fingers so BEWARE! Gently & carefully sand the edges to make them smooth. This is very important… safety comes first.
  • Remove the cap and cut to remove the cap ring.

You are not throwing away the bottom of the bottle…right?? Does this sparks an Idea? Would you mind sharing it with us…what would you do with it?

Step 3: Attaching the bulb holder 

Use a double sided tape around the holder, it will secure the holder inside the bottle and won’t let the holder move.

Use Double-sided Tape on the Holder

Fix the Holder At the Nozzle Point

And this is how we fix it inside the bottle:

  1. Remove the holder cover, wrap it with some double-sided tape.
  2. Insert the holder inside the top part. Try to push it as close as possible to the bottle-neck (no it is not bottleneck ;) )
  3. Notice the spirals on the bottle neck. We need to get rid of them. You can remove them using the cutter (Be very careful while cutting them) or you can sand them off. We are doing this to secure the cover of bulb holder on top of the bottle neck as if we are capping the bottle with it.

So this make our lamp structure ready for bling :) … shine shine :)

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1 Corinne Rodrigues August 24, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Wow! I can only sit back and look at all this with awe – knowing that I can’t ever do this!


2 Priti August 25, 2013 at 12:00 am

Of course you can do it…just sip in some coke and try making it… the bling stickers are ready to stick kinda thing. You just need to cut the bottle into half properly…all the best! :)


3 Roshni August 26, 2013 at 11:37 pm

ha! You addressed the question I had in my mind about whether the heat would melt the plastic! It looks amazing!


4 Priti August 30, 2013 at 11:58 am

Yeah…now I think you are ready to DIY your coke bottles.. all the best Roshni! :)


5 mithun March 11, 2014 at 7:50 pm

Cool. Thanks for sharing. Came here through instructables.


6 Priti March 12, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Hey Mithun…thanks for stopping by. :)


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