Door Designs – Style Statement for Indian Homes

Door Designs – Style Statement for Indian Homes

by Priti on October 9, 2013

Your front door is the first thing that depicts your personality to the visitors before they enter your house. Make an impression with designer doors and give a warm welcome to your guests.

Welcome Your Guests with Stylish Front Gate Designs

Oh, yes, doors are the first and the foremost thing your guests are encountered with while they visit your home. So, lets welcome our guests with all new and stylish door designs we can afford to have in our homes.

Designer Wooden Door

Designer Wooden Door

Before we start let me first introduce you to my latest post on home designs in India.

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Unlike olden times, where people used to have doors only to safeguard their homes, it has now become a matter of style statement. Now-a-days you will find a variety of door designs in India whether online or offline, including the availability of multiple choices to make in wooden doors, glass doors and sliding doors.

Actually, door designs are now considered to be a part of our home decor. Oh! Now I got to know, why people hang lemon and chilies outside their doors, so that they can protect their home with negative vibes entering their homes.

As per Vastu for home, a maintained door and its direction plays a vital and very important role to welcome positive energies.

Well, at the end of the post I will tell you discuss with you certain points to remember which will be helpful for you to welcome positive energy inside your home with vastu tips. Anyways, the fact is…there isn’t a single corner in your home where you can’t add your style.

On that note, lets discuss some of the images of the entrance and front doors for our Indian home:

Modern & Contemporary Door Designs for Indian Homes

Modern door Designs with Lock

Image via

Are you fond of using colors? Then let’s go for it and paint your old doors to a completely new statement color. Change the door handles and you have got a focal point for your home. Yeah, a focal point can be any thing from your garden decor to the lighting, from large-sized mirror to a an antique decor.

Whoa, have an entrance wide enough. Then this designer door with rising sun on the upper part will be a best deal for you. Aha, like it?

Sun Shaped Door Designs

To choose a contemporary door for your home ain’t that difficult. In fact there are number of designs available in the market to have a simple yet stylish designs for your entrance door. I have shared some of the images of modern doors, hope you’ll like then or at least you can get an idea to get it designed on your own.

Front Door Designs

Front Door Designs

Contemporary Door for Entrance

Image via desire to inspire

I don’t remember the location, but I do remember the house I saw with a designer glass door and a wooden frame around it. It just took my breath away, it was so damn beautiful. The door was somewhat like the image I have shown below, but the one I saw, was even more beautiful.

I wish I could have taken the picture of that door to illustrate you. Well, let it be…here is something else I want o share with you an entrance with a perfect glass door…

I personally adore this image over here, it’s just because it’s from my hometown Renukoot and this is an entrance of a guest house.

Take a small tour to my home town: Exploring Beautiful Landscape Design Ideas from My Home Town

Entrance of a Guest House

Image clicked by me

Glass Door

Glass Door

Uh…I went off the track; let’s get back to the topic we were discussing. Doors are now considered to be the foremost important thing that makes the first impression on your guests. Hence, think out of the box while you choose the door design for your house.

For example, choosing a small simple door for a huge architectural design of a house wouldn’t look good at all. It should enhance the look of your home and match with your home.

Of course the design of your door should match your home and your style but safety and security is the most important things that needs to be considered. Well, I would recommend you to go for a solid door than a stylish one as it would safeguard your home against theft and burglary.

Front Door

Front Door

Modern Doors

It’s very common to see that people in India don’t care much about using designer doors or they usually ignore it. But don’t you think doors are also an important part of our interior? You have incurred so much in construction of your new house, so why do you compromise when it comes to doors.

Am I the only one who feels that the image below of a glass door looks like and egg? But I quite like this glass door with wooden frame. Perfect for the entrance of my future home. :)

Stylish Glass Door

Get your set of designer doors and show off your personality. There are multiple options available in the market for different types of doors made up of wood, glass, steel, etc. I have selected a few well-known ideas out of it and mentioned it below:

Teak Wood Doors with Modern Design

Glass Door with Wooden Frame

Image via Houzz

Doors are like an invitation card to your guests, so would you like to give them a “not so welcoming” invitation or “a warm and stylish welcome” in your special way. Teak woods are most commonly used doors for home.

Teak Wood Door

Teak Wood Door

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