Vastu Tips for Master Bed Room

Vastu Tips for Master Bed Room

by Priti on August 27, 2012

Tips for the Master Bed Room as per Vastu to bring Health, Wealth and Prosperity for the Head of the Family.

Tips for Master Bed Room as per Vastu

Master Bed Room

What is a Master Bed Room?

Master bed room is the largest room of the house.

The head of the house uses this room.

There are more amenities in this room like attached bath room or dresser compare to other rooms in the house.

The room is to create a place of safety or shelter for the heads of the house.

Fresh Deep Pink Bedroom

Master bed room as per Vastu

Master bed room is the room for the head of the family or the Owner of the house.

It should be in the South West Corner of the House.

It can also be used by the newly married Couples.

It is the room preferred for couples.

This room is in the SW direction and is ruled by Rahu and features Kama.

Try using Pink or Violet or bright colours for the Master Bed Room.

Tips for Master Bed Room

Tips for Master Bed room as per Vastu (Vasstu or Vastu Shastra)

It is very important to follow vastu principles for the arrangement of things in the master bed room to ensure healthy, wealthy and peaceful life for the head of the family.

Placement of Bed

The bed in the master bedroom should be placed in such a way that the head of the family is in the South or East wall of the room. So that the sleeping position is in South to North or East to West for the head of the family.

Dressing Table or Mirrors

Mirrors should not reflect the bed.


The locker used to keep money and jewellery should be at the North or North East side of the room.


It should be built on the South or West side of the room.

Plants and Water Bodies

There should be no plants and Water bodies to be kept in the Master Bed Room.

Attached Bathroom

The position of bed should be such that it should not face directly to the door of the bathroom in the Master Bed Room.

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1 balaji April 27, 2013 at 7:31 pm

i am constructing a new house, i have a doubt about bed room and bed facing . my father is the head of the family and master bed room is located at the first floor south west corner of the flat and can he face his head to east side of the bed room.
and second thing my room is located in the first floor of the south west corner of the flat , in that room can i lay my bed at the north west corner and facing head towards west.
please let me know the details and what is the problem if we face like that.’


2 sanjay solanki August 24, 2014 at 8:10 pm

My master bed room is in south east corner of house please suggest me vastu remedies


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