Vastu for Pooja Room

Vastu for Pooja Room

by Priti on August 29, 2012

Tips on placing the Puja Room or Worship area in your house as per Vaastu to have a prosperous life.

How To Design Your Pooja Room in Compliance to Vastu Shastra

Irrespective to the religion you follow, we all worship God in some or other form. In Vastu Shastra (commonly known as Vastu or Vaastu), there is a dedicated place assigned to the God and having your Pooja Room or Temple or Worship area in this place invites prosperity and well being in individual lives.

Puja Room Vastu

One of my client I visited, had a complain that there is unavoidable out flow of money, lace of mental peace and no growth in anyone’s life in the family. I was expected to work on the issue and resolve it to have growth and prosperity for all in the family.

During my examination of  the vastu (house), the major problems that I observed was in the NorthEast Corner of the house. NorthEast corner is between the North and the East direction i.e. at 45 degrees.

Pooja Room Design at NE Direction

Pooja Room Design at NE Direction

There was storage of unused items on a huge iron rack. The area was dark and dirty. They had a small temple in the kitchen near the stove and it was unorganized. After all my keen observations, I suggested them following vastu tips for pooja room:

Tips for Puja Room as per Vaastu

1. Puja Room should be ideally in NorthEast Direction.

2. NorthEast direction should be clean and painted fresh colours.

3. The deities should be kept such that when you are facing God, you face North or East direction.

4. Advisable colours for the room should be White, Light Yellow, Light Blue.

5. The idols should not be kept facing each other.

6. Remove broke idols or damaged photos and frames.

7. Have all your God pictures and idols at one place.

8. There should not be any unused items stored here.

9. Regularly clean this are.

10. Ensure the Puja Room is not in the basement.

11. This place is the source of positive energy. Use fragrance and light effectively here.

12. Keep the place well decorated.

13. Use sound to generate positive energy by using bells or sound of mantras running.

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1 Girish Sadashiv August 7, 2013 at 11:06 pm


I’m Girish, I’m constructing new home as per Vastu pooja room
is constructed at north-east corner of home, but I heard that
North-east corner should be left free, how far its true.
Which should I prefer, please guide me.
Thanking you.


2 selvi balkrishna February 10, 2014 at 11:50 am

need your help people are two of them had said one lady died at my house long back by burning and she walk in that area and my house every day.
but i completed 1 year and never felt like that though was setting in the dark room till 1 at night.
suggest me if so than what should i do.


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