Why Go For Boring When You’ve Ultimate Railing Designs to Choose From

Why Go For Boring When You’ve Ultimate Railing Designs to Choose From

by Priti on October 10, 2013

# 35 railing designs for support on one hand and styling your home on the other. Choose the best one for your interior, decks/balcony, terrace or outdoor staircases, you have multiple options to consider.

Railing Designs

An Eclectic Railing Design

# 35 Railing Designs That will Make Your Staircase Look Stunning

Until and unless we have an ultramodern theme for our interior, I believe we all need to have a railing for our staircases, right? But why go for a boring one when you can actually have thousands of ideas for choosing the best designs for your balcony or staircases.

No doubt you should have decorative stairs but railings makes it look outstanding.

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Check out the link above for trendy staircase designs while I line up this post with # 35 best options for you to go with. Of course, your style statement and modern decor fittings and fixtures matters, but what matters the most…is your safety.

Yes, railings do protect and safeguard us and sometimes our friends too, for e.g. (God forbid), how would you feel if you slip from the stairs and you see your noodles on your friend’s forehead which was  in your plate a few seconds ago. ;P Damn! Your friend will probably start hating noodles from that day. Haha…

I think I should concentrate now. Ok, back to the topic. Whatever material you choose for your railing completely depends on you but be very specific about the material used for stairs and your personal style and then choose accordingly. For example, having a contemporary interior with traditional design railing won’t work well or does it?

Contemporary Design

Railing for Spiral Staircase

Creative Steel Railing Designs

Creative Steel Railing

I found so many relatives and friends of mine, looking for steel railings for their home. I always wondered why? Well, I asked my father (not because of the fact that he is my Google but for the reason that I like taking to him on such topics which includes when? why? how? really?) I love irritating him and giggle on his serious expressions. ;)

Well, here’s the reason behind choosing steel materials for railing as my father explained it to me: the best thing about steel and aluminium railings is that these are light-weighted, highly durable, requires no additional finish and can easily be cleaned.

Yeah, the most important quality of stainless steel material is that, you can get unlimited deign options as compared to glass and iron. In fact, steel rails are also used with a combination of wood and glass railings which are widely used today.

Galvanized Steel Railing

Stainless Steel Railing Design

Steel Railing

Modern Design Steel Railing

Image source: dwell.com

Quite obvious, you already have supportive railing but you can’t raise your voice for changing it every now and then, may be because you are on tight budget or it’s a traditional staircase. So, here’s a fascinating idea for you. DIY and bring on some colors inside your home & paint your boring & dull hand-rails to pop rainbow colors.

DIY Hand-painted Railing

Image source

Inspirational Designs

Had enough of handrails and railings which everyone is quite familiar with…now I take this opportunity to introduce you to some inspirational ideas which will definitely blow your mind. Yes, it will….check it out yourself, starting with this open railing in iron.

Iron Railing (Contemporary)

Modern Contemporary Design

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1 Neha Sharma March 24, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Wonderful Blog. Interesting things about decors getting covered.
I was wondering if you have covered any post about partitions?


2 Priti March 24, 2013 at 5:16 pm

Hey Neha, glad you are here! Yes, I had already shared a post on room dividers. Check this out: http://www.kwikdeko.com/blog/room-dividers/ hope you like them all… :)


3 Sunil April 29, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Hello Priti,

I found something very relevant to Indian Homes and Cultures here in your blog. Do you have a collection of Building Elevations & Landscapes for Bungalows ?


4 Priti April 29, 2013 at 4:19 pm

Hi Sunil, thanks for liking my blog…here are links for garden landscape:
http://www.kwikdeko.com/blog/decoration-ideas-for-garden-landscape/ or you can also check out category for garden in the box at right hand side.
for house designs and elevations http://www.kwikdeko.com/blog/house-designs-house-plans/
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5 Pawan H January 14, 2014 at 5:36 pm

Interesting ideas. Do you have some ideas for safety cover/grills for balconies in high rise buildings?


6 Lara Issac July 16, 2014 at 12:12 pm

Wonderful designs!!!!
The old fashions are so boring…. Thank you for sharing the new styles….


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