Stop & Check Out 40+ Modern & Designer Wall Units to Store More

Stop & Check Out 40+ Modern & Designer Wall Units to Store More

by Priti on October 10, 2013

One stop solution with 40+ designs of wall units for every space of your home, including living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.

Have So Much to Store – Go with Designer and Cool Units for Your Walls

Use wall units to store your decorative objects and showpiece because cupboards and floors are not always a solution. And the most common problem we find is what designs for wall units one should select?

I personally prefer to place my decor items on walls so that I can have more space to play move around and for one of the obvious reasons that am always in a hurry. So, whenever I rush for something, I can always hear a sound of something falling on the floor. :-|

The best solution I found was: How Does Organizing Helps in Home Improvement

Though we have oceans of ideas to decorate walls of our room, one of the best solution for minimalistic approach is to use wall units and cabinets. And the cherry on the top will be wall units with creative and modern designs.

One question for you to answer, do I talk much…? Yes? Whoa, I love that…

Before you just hang me on your walls, let me share some of the beautiful and cool ideas to design your wall units and some interesting storage solutions.. Here we go…

Wall Unit Designs for Living and TV Room

The most important section of our room in “living room” and it has to be beautiful and decorative because it’s just like a business card for us.

So, why are we wasting our time? Lets get the walls decorated with wall units to showcase our expensive decor items and impress our guests. Check them out here…

Wall Unit Designs

Living Room Wall Units

Wall Units

Above three images via

Are you still using those obsolete and boring idea of using corner television stands? Well, …am still using it. :-/ If you too are using it please stop, trends are changing day by day and so we “need to match up this change” right?

Don’t worry I am there to help you out with some ideas that am going to share right now…take a look.

Living Room Units for TV

Decorative Wall Design

Stylish Wall Unit

Modern Design Units with Lights

Living Area Units in Walls

This design is now on my list of favorites. I am going crazy watching this so contemporary and stylish looking wall unit design. So, what’s your style of interior? Traditional, contemporary, rustic, eclectic or contemporary?

Looking out for contemporary interior ideas, read it here: A Contemporary Interior for People with Style

Contemporary Style Unit on Wall

Traditional Design Units and Cabinets

TV Wall Unit

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